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Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Η επιστήμη της αντιγήρανσης

Botox and fillers are two treatments that have shown steady popularity in recent years due to their wrinkle-reducing and volumizing properties.

If you are a regular Botox user or perhaps new to fillers and Botox, you may be wondering which doctor to choose for your treatment. Your dentist is probably someone who wouldn't immediately come to mind, but of all the professionals who specialize in these treatments, they are often the best choice. In our clinic we provide you with a complete antiaging package in collaboration with a doctor specialized in Aesthetic medicine.


Russian Lips

Volume Increase using Hyaluronic Acid



Application of Botulinum Toxin with a completely natural effect


Russian Lips

Volume Increase using Hyaluronic Acid


Liquid Rhinoplasty

Correcting the shape of the nose in 5 minutes

As dentists we have experience using botox in everyday dental practice, such as when treating patients with dentures, orthodontic cases or patients with high lip lines. No other health care provider has the ability to help patients the way a dentist can.

  • Botox

  • Fillers

  • PRP

  • Liquid Rhinoplasty

*At our clinic we provide comprehensive solutions and personalized treatment plans, giving you the smile you desire and the lips to show it off.

*All treatments are donefromed by a Doctor specialized in Aesthetic Medicine

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