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Teeth whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, many people opt for in-office teeth whitening. Both in-office bleaching and at-home bleaching involve the use of peroxide-based bleaching agents. Systems used for in-office bleaching often contain a higher percentage of peroxide. The longer a stronger whitening solution is kept on the teeth, the whiter they become.

Regarding in-office whitening, 1-2 visits of 1.5 hours will be needed at the dental office, depending on the desired result. For at-home Bleaching the process is simpler and only 2 visits of 10 minutes are needed. Note that it should be used daily at home for as many days as recommended.

In-office whitening is done using laser in combination with a whitening lamp. The color of the teeth will continue to change for the next 2 days from the session.

Power bleaching is recommended, the new protocol in teeth whitening worldwide, which combines the two methods and gives an extremely impressive result. This can last up to 3-4 years if you don't smoke and don't consume a lot of tea, red wine, coffee or soft drinks.

Contraindications: Whitening is not indicated for teeth that are broken, with fractures in the enamel, particularly carious, with many fillings, with crowns or bridges.

Λεύκανση Δοντιών

*Bleaching is a process that should be repeated. With a single session, the result we can achieve is up to 4 tones whiter teeth. Unrealistic expectations after teeth whitening along with failure to follow the instructions given, are the main reasons why a patient may not be satisfied with the result. As long as one follows the instructions, the results will be satisfactory. The patient should understand that the maximum shade of white varies from person to person. The final results after the first session reflect the natural color of the individual's teeth.

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