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In our dental practice, we give great importance to the so-called Preventive Dentistry.


Prevention is mainly the check-up at the dentist which should be done every 6 months and includes cleaning with the use of ultrasound, diagnosis of problems, informing the patient of any bad brushing techniques that may result in gingivitis or caries of the teeth and finally the instructions aimed at prevention.


It is a routine procedure performed to remove tartar that is deposited on the teeth and between the gums. It is a much deeper cleaning of the teeth compared to normal brushing that reaches below the gums thus offering a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning using ultrasound is a careful cleaning of the root surfaces of the teeth, to remove bacterial plaque and calculus from the periodontal pockets and smoothen the root of the tooth. This is sometimes followed by topical antimicrobial solutions and the use of antibiotics if needed.

Almost half of the population suffers from gum diesease. All people have bacterial plaque. Saliva, bacteria and proteins in the mouth form a layer that covers the intraoral surfaces (teeth, tongue, gums and oral mucosa) almost all the time. When we eat, very small particles (acids and sugars in food) remain in this layer and create deposits on the teeth, which together with bacteria form the plaque. Healthy gums protect the root of the tooth from bacterial plaque. If the gum is affected and as a reaction to the foreign body (tartar), recedes then this protection disappears, resulting in bacterial plaque entering the space between the gums and the tooth.

*In our clinic we use the Swiss EMS protocol with Airflow. Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a unique solution for the prevention of tooth decay and periodontitis. Biofilm is the main cause of caries, periodontal infections and peri-implantitis. GBT is based on technologies patented by EMS and developed in collaboration with experienced periodontists. The treatment is systematic, predictable, with minimal risks and user-friendly, adaptable to any age group and any patient. First we color the teeth with special pigments (purple) in order to reveal the biofilm and then with the use of Airflow, we clean those areas.

Προληπτική Οδοντιατρική

Preventive Dentistry

In the context of a complete dental care.


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