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Εφαρμογές Laser

Laser applications

Innovative therapeutic and aesthetic intervention.

In our clinic we use the dental Laser of the German company DentsplySirona. SyroLaser Blue is the only Laser on the market with 3 wavelengths making it ideal for everyday dental practice. The use of Laser: 

  • It simplifies the surgical procedure

  • Reduces postoperative pain and swelling

  • Improves tissue healing

  • Reduces or eliminates bleeding

We use SiroLaser Blue in our daily life and we introduce it in the following operations, with the aim of the optimal result for the patient:

  • Implantology

  • Periodontology

  • Pain Treatment

  • Endodontic Treatment

  • Surgery

  • Bleaching

  • Thrush

  • Lip Rejuvenation


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